Assorted Links (1/11/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):


  • Tiger Woods and Market-Moving Events, by Carl Bialik

Financial Crisis and Public Policy

“In his recent speech, the Fed chairman denied that too-low interest rates were responsible. Does this mean we’re headed for a new boom-bust cycle?”

“A recession is a terrible time to make major changes in the economic rules of the game.”

Foreign Policy

“Saying that the U.S. will ‘bear witness’ to brutality around the word is, in effect, to say that we will send flowers to funerals.”


“Legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock delivers a stunning performance alongside two old friends — past drummer for the Headhunters, Harvey Mason, and bassist Marcus Miller. Listen to the end to hear them sweeten the classic “Watermelon Man.””

Political Economy

In Argentina, “President Christina Kirchner tries to seize control of the central bank.”


In “Crisis and Command,” John Yoo, vilified as the Bush adviser who did the most to trash the Constitution, defends the power of the executive in times of war, arguing that George W. Bush was far more measured and restrained than his predecessors, and more deferential to Congress.”