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Assorted Links (4/13/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately (organized by topic):



“The size of the gender pay gap depends on how you calculate it.”


“Earlier I displayed some data on output and factor usage in the manufacturing and home construction industries. Those were clearly cases of lack of demand: people wanted to buy less of those items, so suppliers produced less of them and used less capital and labor in the process.”

Financial Crisis


Interesting article about the corrosive effect that the de facto bailout of states through “stimulus” is having upon our country!    

Health Care Reform


“Now that the year-long debate in Congress over health care legislation has come to a close, it’s reasonable to ask: What’s next?”

Foreign Policy


“Bret Stephens writes in The Wall Street Journal about denial of the Katyn massacre.”




“TED Talks Photographs do more than document history — they make it. At TED University, Jonathan Klein of Getty Images shows some of the most iconic, and talks about what happens when a generation sees an image so powerful it can’t look away — or back.”

Public Policy


Casey Mulligan surveys the literature on the effect of extended unemployment benefits on the unemployment rate. The findings are universal – other things equal, extended unemployment benefits result in higher levels of unemployment. As Larry Summers, who is President Obama’s top economic advisor wrote in his chapter on “Unemployment” in the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics several years ago, “The second way government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment is by providing an incentive, and the means, not to work. Each unemployed person has a ‘reservation wage’—the minimum wage he or she insists on getting before accepting a job. Unemployment insurance and other social assistance programs increase [the] reservation wage, causing an unemployed person to remain unemployed longer.”    


“Allysia Finley writes in The Wall Street Journal that a New Jersey teacher’s union prays for Chris Christie’s death.”




“In The Wall Street Journal, American Enterprise president Arthur Brooks reports that surveys show Americans think taxes area already too high, even for the rich.”


“April is here, which means it’s almost time to pony up and render unto Caesar. We’ve gathered our receipts and other documents, and dragged ourselves to the strip-mall tax preparer or fired up do-it-yourself software to determine how big our refund is — or how much we owe Uncle Sam.”

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