Assorted Links (11/3/2013)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading and videos that I have ben viewing lately:

Two kids play the Beatles’ “Let It Be” on the cello and violin.

“Two kids play the Beatles’ “Let It Be” on the cello and violin.”

Top Hospitals Opt Out of Obamacare

“Americans who sign up for insurance on the state exchanges may not have access to the nation’s top hospitals, reports.”

Who took that photo of the Stevie Ray statue swimming in Lady Bird Lake?

“One of the most striking images to make the rounds on social media following the heavy rains in Austin overnight was an almost unbelievable photo of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue on Lady Bird Lake submerged nearly to the waist in floodwaters.”

Obamacare laid bare

From Wapo’s Charles Krauthammer…“The three pillars: mendacity, paternalism and subterfuge.”

You Can Keep Your Health Plan*

“The Wall Street Journal on an ObamaCare promise with a secret footnote. Who knew?”

Progressive Government Fails

“You WILL participate in what we have created for you, and you WILL comply with the law’s demands…  In The Wall Street Journal, Dan Henninger writes that President Obama’s ideology is the politics of the personal cram down.”

Obama blames ‘bad apple’ insurers for dropped coverage

“As administration officials scrambled to fix technical problems on an online insurance marketplace, Obama blamed private insurers for a separate problem that has critics questioning his honesty.”

Business Week Magazine’s Grim Obama Cover

“In case you’ve missed everything that has been going on in the White House recently, just take a look at Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest cover. With the past few months defined by a government shutdown, debt ceiling terror and major glitches in the Obamacare exchange website, the cover pretty much hits the nail on the head.”

Aristotle’s Nightmare: Why We Need Smaller Political Communities

“The simple reason for the government shutdown is that America has gotten too big, and no longer enjoys the organic political bonds that give rise to healthy communities.”

The World’s Fastest Failure

“Obamacare certainly has made history. It has set the record for the fastest-failing Big Government program in world history. This isn’t only about a website flop; it is about the failure of government to accomplish the aims of Obamacare in general, and in a way that has profoundly touched millions of individual lives.”

Under ObamaCare, Americans are losing their coverage by political design.

“The Wall Street Journal argues Americans are losing their coverage by political design.”

This video (from is entitled “Keep Your Plan: A Retrospective”. The “fine print” about the conditions under which you are “allowed” to “keep your plan” is explained on the website (see

James C. Capretta – Obamacare’s Unlikely Coverage Goal

“The country was promised a net increase of at least 14 million insured Americans in 2014.”

The Role of Economic and Political Resilience in Fiscal Reform

“The foresight that Americans demonstrated during the recent Great Recession and the ensuing recovery of household balance sheets are encouraging signs of the resilience necessary for U.S. households to face future fiscal challenges.”

Security hole found in Obamacare website

“Until last week, clumsy computer coding on meant that someone could easily gain partial access your account on the Obamacare website.”

“Princess Bride” star Patinkin reveals his favorite line in the film

“In this “CBS This Morning” Extra, actor Mandy Patinkin, who played Inigo Montoya in “The Princess Bride,” talks about the line that he loves the most from that film.”

Obamacare Faces A ‘Death Spiral’

The so-called Affordable Care Act provides a superb “real world” study of the consequences of adverse selection, as illustrated in Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s Forbes article. Also see my explanation of adverse selection for my Fall 2013 risk management class @ Baylor (@ as well as the Wikipedia article about adverse selection (@

“Given the failed launch of Obamacare, there’s a real chance that the entire scheme falls into an “insurance death spiral” — but not as visibly (or rapidly) as the way these sorts of unsuccessful insurance pools usually unravel. A death spiral happens when only the sickest beneficiaries get into an insurance pool, causing the cost of medical claims to rise, and in turn raising future premiums.”

How To Sign Up For Obamacare

In it’s opening segment from it’s 10/26/2013 show, SNL provides us with an interesting explanation concerning how one might want to sign up for Obamacare…

Democrats Run for ObamaCare Cover

“Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley Strassel writes that after weeks of vowing they wouldn’t cave on the Affordable Care Act, some Democrats are doing just that.”

ObamaCare 2016: The website problems were finally solved, but the doctor shortage is a nightmare.

Interesting “back to the future” thought experiment about the shortage of doctors in the United States…

“In The Wall Street Journal, Bradley Allen writes that the ObamaCare website issues aren’t nearly as problematic as the doctor shortage in the U.S.”

Obama’s Credibility Is Melting Here and Abroad

“From Washington to the Middle East, Obama’s partners are concluding they cannot trust him, writes Wonder Land columnist Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal.”

Brosurance: ObamaCare Just Hit New(er) Lows

“Just when you thought ObamaCare couldn’t stoop any lower in its “pitch”, it does…”

1-800-ObamaCare-Denial: Website problems don’t matter when your intentions are good.

“The Wall Street Journal on the liberal claim that website problems don’t matter when your intentions are good.”

Obamacare’s Next Bout: More Legal Challenges

“Obamacare is off to a bad start — and potentially greater threats to its health care exchanges are looming.”