Assorted Links (7/15/2014)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

This poll proves that millennials have totally incoherent political views

“73% of Millennials say “people should be allowed to keep what they produce, even if there are others with greater needs”…”

New research shows Facebook may be hazardous to your marriage

“Facebook is no stranger to bad press.”

Why the new jihadists in Iraq and Syria see al Qaeda as too passive

“A new generation of Islamist extremists battle-hardened in Iraq and Syria sees the old guard of al Qaeda as too passive.”

10 Fun Facts About the Millennial Generation

“Reason-Rupe has a new survey and report out on millennials—find it here. Here are a few highlights…”

Do Markets Work for Bees?

“What and what not to do about Colony Collapse disorder…”

You mean I’d have to PAY for that??

“……..Millennial support for large government flips if high taxes are required.”

Why Piketty’s Wealth Data Are Worthless

“In the Wall Street Journal, Alan Reynolds write that private retirement plans rose to $12.4 trillion in 2012 from $875 billion in 1984. None of it is reported on tax returns.”

Texas Admissions Brawl

Our local “controversy” at UT-Austin has now made the pages of the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal

Remembering Louis Zamperini

Mr. Zamperini was a truly amazing person. RIP, Mr. Zamperini!

Get Bosses Out of Health Insurance Altogether

“The Supreme Court’s decision last week in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby has pushed all the buttons that could be expected…”

A Sexual Revolution for Young Evangelicals? No.

Interesting review of recent work by Mark Regnerus…

Confessions of a Computer Modeler

“In the Wall Street Journal, Robert Caprara writes that any model, including those predicting climate doom, can be tweaked to yield a desired result.”


“Rivalry and harmony at the olympics of choirs, beginning on July 9th in Riga, Latvia.”

What is the rationale behind standard paper sizes like A4 and A3?

I have often wondered about this very issue since I interact regularly with non-US academic colleagues who share these “weird” A4 PDF files (which measure 8.27 x 11.69 inches) with me. Thanks to, this all makes sense now…

Chart and economic fact of the day: Texas has added one million jobs since 2007 vs. only 24,900…

Preventing economists’ capture

Are we saving too much for retirement?

Google’s Larry Page: “I Think the Government’s Likely to Collapse Under Its Own Weight.”

“The co-founders on how regulation “increases without bounds” and why Google stays away from health care.”