Will the U.S. Senate have a 60 seat Democratic Majority?

At this point, it would appear (on the basis of prediction market trading this morning) that the answer will likely be no. CNN.com currently lists 56 Democratic Senators, 40 Republican Senators, and 4 undecided Senate seats in the states of Alaska, Georgia, Minnesota, and Oregon. Here are the last trades this morning on Intrade.com pertaining to the four undecided races:

1. Alaska: AK.SENATE08.REP: 75.5, AK.SENATE08.DEM: 15
2. Georgia: GA.SENATE08.REP: 85, GA.SENATE08.DEM: 25
3. Minnesota: MN.SENATE08.REP: 90.1, MN.SENATE08.DEM: 8.5
4. Oregon: OR.SENATE08.REP: 75, OR.SENATE08.DEM: 33.1

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