So-called Health Care Reform

I try very hard not to be partisan/political in my blogging, but the spectacle that is Washington, DC has completely taken my breath away this evening.  The only thing that was “bi-partisan” about this 219–212 vote in the U.S. House of Representatives was the opposition to the Senate Bill.  Specifically, all 178 House Republicans voted “no”, and 34 House Democrats voted “no”…  Please read the following articles! 

  • A Way Out of Soviet-Style Health-Care, by Milton Friedman

      “Solzhenitsyn’s prophetic warning about the depersonalization of medicine..”

    • Inside the Pelosi Sausage Factory, by Kim Strassel

        “Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak sold his anti-abortion soul for a toothless executive order.”

      • The ObamaCare Crossroads, Wall Street Journal

          “The vote is really about who commands the country’s medical resources.”

        • The Doctors of the House, Wall Street Journal

          “A landmark of liberal governance whose price will be very steep.”