3 thoughts on “You Will Not Fear … the Arrow That Flies by Day”

  1. That’s my friend in that picture (Pfc. Jorge Rostran Obando)! God Bless our troops who are out there fighting oversees.

  2. I am very proud of my son and what he is doing for our country.I am also very proud that my son looked to the LORD for support when he got injured,because the LORD is the only one who can keep my son safe and unharmed.Thank you JESUS for healing my son and sparing him his life as he has a purpose here on earth.I hope all will learn from my son and look to the LORD..

  3. Dearest Dad and Matt!

    Likewise! I was so very humbled by your son and friend Pfc Obando and his immediate thought of our Lord’s strength and protection. I will look to the hills from where comes my help – my help is the Lord – my strength is the Lord and I shall step out mightily. Dearest Dad – your very brave and selfless son is in my daily prayers as are all our young men and women. Dearest Matt – how proud you are of your friend and rightly so. When asked – this young man raised is hand high and said ‘ take me – I am ready!’. God Bless you – God Bless our troops – God Bless our country.

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