Assorted Links (9/27/2009)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):


Wall Street Journal: “The decline of newspapers is a tragedy for democracy. How can it be stopped?”

Financial Crisis

  • One Year Later, by Duncan Niederauer

Wall Street Journal: “Reform of Wall Street means smarter financial regulation, not over-regulation.”

Foreign Policy

New York Times: “Fighting the Afghan war the easy way hasn’t worked. Only the full counterinsurgency doctrine offers a chance of success.”

Health Care Reform

New York Times: “To help pay for a health care bill, one proposal involves capping the amount people can put into special accounts for health-related spending.”

Here’s a classic example of a tax increase on the middle class that won’t be called (by the political class, anyway) a tax increase. 


  • Morals Class Is Starting; Please Pass the Popcorn, by Patricia Cohen

New York Times: “Michael J. Sandel’s “Justice,” long one of the most popular classes at Harvard, will now be available for free online and on public television.”


  • Congress Needs a 72-Hour Waiting Period, by John Fund

Wall Street Journal: “Voters want enough time to debate bills. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t.”

  • Interview with Mitch Daniels: ‘We Are the Initiators’, by Kim Strassel

Wall Street Journal: “The Indiana governor on how to be an activist—and also a popular—Republican conservative.”