Assorted Links (1/20/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):


“It is time institutional investors exerted control over publicly held companies.”

Financial Crisis and Public Policy

“…it’s a formula for turning the banks into what Fannie and Freddie have become: profitless channelers of taxpayer-guaranteed money into whatever loss-making loans politicians happen to want made.”

Foreign Policy

“For Haitians, just about every conceivable aid scheme beyond immediate humanitarian relief will lead to more poverty, more corruption and less institutional capacity.”

Health Care Reform

“How can a little known Republican run a competitive Senate campaign in Massachusetts? The culprit is the unpopularity of health reform, and it means that Democrats will face even worse problems later this year in less liberal places than Massachusetts.”

Public Policy

Harvard Economics Professor Martin Feldstein provides a critical assessment of Obanomics…

“Canada now boasts North America’s freest economy.”