Assorted Links (4/8/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately (organized by topic):

Economics and Public Policy

  • Leslie Hook and Joseph Sternberg: Confessions of Two Unpaid Interns –


“In The Wall Street Journal, Leslie Hook and Joseph Sternberg say that the Obama administration’s latest crusade, to prevent the use of unpaid interns, is a mistake that will harm opportunities for young men and women looking for a leg up in the work force.”

  • Daniel Henninger: Joblessness: The Kids Are Not Alright –


“In The Wall Street Journal, Dan Henninger asks if Obama’s economic policies have sent the U.S. toward European levels of youth unemployment.”


“Labor unions are among President Obama’s political allies, and were actors in the story of the demise of General Motors. But I do not yet see much evidence that their influence on private-sector outcomes has become more significant.”

Economics and Culture

  • ‘Extreme Makeover’ Show Downsizes Its McMansions –


“While it’s unclear just how many Extreme Makeover families have run into financial difficulty, the show’s producers say they are aware of the problem and are making a change appropriate to current economic reality: downsizing.”

  • Extreme Home Foreclosure Trouble –


“Some recipients of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition homes end up in trouble once the cameras leave town. Here are five family’s tales.”


FORT WASHINGTON, Md (Reuters) – By the time thousands of parishioners stream into the 3,000-seat Ebenezer AME Church on Easter Sunday, church leaders hope to have something else to celebrate: financial revival.

Financial Crisis


“Lewis’s main message is that Wall Street engaged in reckless and dishonest behavior by leveraging and mispresenting unimaginable amounts of risky, subprime debt.”


“The Government Accountability Office has a report out today on the unfunded liabilities of the GM and Chrysler pensions.”


Health Care Reform

  • Will the Individual Mandate Hold up in Court? — The American, A Magazine of Ideas


“The healthcare insurance mandate is unconstitutional. But don’t expect the Supreme Court to rule it so.”

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