Assorted Links (4/25/2010)

Number of the Week: 103 Months to Clear Housing Inventory – Real Time Economics – WSJ

“103: The number of months it would take to sell off all the foreclosed homes in banks possession, plus all the homes likely to end up there over the next couple years, at the current rate of sales.” – Administration Defends Health Law Despite Medicare Report Hiking Nation’s Tab

“The Obama administration on Friday defended the new health insurance law after a report from its own Medicare services agency showed the provisions will increase the nation’s health care tab over the next 10 years instead of bringing costs down.”


The Weekend Interview with Paul Kagame: A Supply-Sider in East Africa –

“In The Wall Street Journal, Anne Jolis interviews Rwandan president Paul Kagame, who is also the man who ended the country’s genocide in 1994. Unlike so many African leaders, he doesn’t want foreign aid, but investment and free trade.”

Austin’s Cathedral of Junk Attracts Tourists to Artist’s Backyard, Neighbors Are Bummed –

“After a safety complaint last month, the city issued a notice advising Vince Hannemann that his creation is in violation of city code. It told him to obtain building permits or potentially face demolition of the cathedral.”

The Equal Pay Day Reality Check — The American, A Magazine of Ideas

“The claim that American women as a group face systemic wage discrimination is groundless.”

Yes, It’s a Bailout Bill — The American, A Magazine of Ideas

“Market participants will understand that the Senate financial regulation bill allows for bailouts, and this will give rise to riskier behavior that in turn makes future bailouts more likely.”

MVMA Fest 2010 at Vizcaino Park (Marfa, Tx)
My awesome son Erik and his awesome band Auroravore (see will be featured at this concert!

Op-Ed Columnist – The Government War –

“The stale, old debate of big government on the left versus small government on the right is back with a vengeance.”

Apple’s iPad Struggles at Some Colleges –

“Apple’s iPad isn’t having an easy time during college admissions season, as the tablet encounters problems at some major universities due to network issues.”

Ted Forstmann and Niall Ferguson: Financial Regulatory Reform Needs to be Simplified –

“In The Wall Street Journal, Ted Forstmann and Niall Ferguson say the case for limiting leverage and regulating derivatives is overwhelming, but that doesn’t require a new 1,300-page law.”

Financial Reform’s ‘Public Option’ – Regulating Wall Street

“How President Obama’s consumer-protection plan threatens his plan to rein in Wall Street excess.”