Assorted Links (10/2/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

Basel III and Risky Banking Behavior: Too Little, Too Lenient, Too Late?

“…a repeat of the financial crisis requires much more than the Basel III reforms. Moral hazard, or the tendency to take risks in hopes of government bailouts if things go wrong, is still a problem.”

Why is Obama sending troops to Afghanistan?

“What kind of commander in chief sends troops to war announcing a fixed date for their withdrawal?”

The Twister of 2010

“America’s political landscape will never be the same, writes Peggy Noonan.”

Notable & Quotable

“At some point, …we will have the academic version of September 15, 2008-as parents no longer choose to take on $200,000 in debt to send their children to 4-year liberal arts schools, in which they will be likely indoctrinated that they should oppose the very American institutions that created the wealth and freedom that fuel their colleges and pay their faculties.”

The Broadway-Buffalo Divide

“In The Wall Street Journal’s Cross Country column, Fred Siegel writes that Gothamites who disparage Carl Paladino would do well to understand why other New Yorkers voted for him.”

Charles R. Schwab: Enough With the Low Interest Rates!

“In the Wall Street Journal, Charles R. Schwab writes that Fed policy punishes savers without making credit more readily available.”


“The Wall Street Journal on what happened when McDonald’s met ObamaCare.”

The Weekend Interview with Eric Cantor: ‘Things Could Get Pretty Messy’

“In The Wall Street Journal, Steve Moore interviews Eric Cantor, the man who would be the next House majority leader, on the GOP agenda and working with Obama.”

Black Churches and the Prosperity Gospel

“In The Wall Street Journal, Pastor DeForest Soaries Jr. says that depending on miracles as a financial strategy is a dangerous way to live.”

Echoes of the Great Depression

“In The Wall Street Journal, former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm notes that as in the 1930s, policy uncertainty and hostility to business have retarded recovery. At least this time around the political price for economic failure promises to be swift.”

In Elizabeth Warren We Trust?

“In The Wall Street Journal, George Mason University Professor Todd Zywicki says the unaccountable head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has repeatedly used shoddy data to push policies she favors.”

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