Assorted Links (12/24/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

RealClearMarkets – Where Unions Are, Americans Aren’t

“The American people have been voting with their feet, the Census Bureau announced on Tuesday, leaving states with heavy union influence and choosing to live in “right-to-work” states with higher job growth where they cannot be forced to join a union as a condition of employment.”

RealClearMarkets – Elimination Of the FCC Is a Worthy Goal

“Regulatory State: Two days after the FCC voted to take over the Internet, it stands in the way of an agreement between private companies. This is an agency that should be targeted for elimination.”

The Holiday Stimulus Package

“The annual huge swell in retail sales each December brings with it many jobs but also demonstrates the inefficiency of spending as a tool to increase employment, an economist writes.”

Census: Fast Growth in States with No Income Tax

“The latest census data shows that growth occurs in states where taxes are lower. Seven of the nine states that do not levy an income tax grew faster than the national average.”

The Sidney Awards

“Drum roll, please. The annual awards for the best magazine essays of 2010 go to … “

Charles Krauthammer – Obama’s new start

“Obama has leveled the playing the field for battles of the 112th Congress.”

Review & Outlook: PolitiFiction

“The Wall Street Journal on true ‘lies’ about ObamaCare.”

Congress’s Monstrous Legal Legacy

“In The Wall Street Journal, Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley A. Strassel writes that ObamaCare, put together like Frankenstein, risks coming apart at the seams.”

In Hoc Anno Domini

“The late Vermont Royster’s classic 1949 Christmas editorial.”

Tea Partiers and the Spirit of Giving

“In The Wall Street Journal, American Enterprise Institute President Arthur C. Brooks writes that charitable gifts are a cheerful protest vote against the growing state.”

Do Christians Overemphasize Christmas?

“In The Wall Street Journal, John Wilson writes that some theologians claim that Easter is more important, but that’s wrong—when we celebrate one, we celebrate the other.”

The Unbroken Window » Tidings of Comfort and Joy

“Did you know that the US Postal Service attempted to monopolize the e-mail industry when it was first created? Could you imagine having to send e-mails through them, and not through gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or whatever firm you currently use?”

Atheism Kills: Gallup Poll Reveals

“Here at Via Meadia we are preparing for the Christmas holidays, and will be firing up the traditional Yule Blog tomorrow for the 13 posts of Christmas in a hallowed holiday tradition dating all the way back to 2009.”

Very Religious Americans Lead Healthier Lives

“This is the third article in a special multipart series on religiosity and wellbeing in America. The first article explored the relationship between religiosity and wellbeing across the Well-Being Index and sub-indexes. The second article examined religiosity and emotional health. This piece explores specific components within the Healthy Behavior Index.”

Taxes and the Top Percentile Myth

“In The Wall Street Journal, the Cato Institute’s Alan Reynolds writes that a 2008 OECD study of leading economies found that ‘taxation is most progressively distributed in the United States.’ More so than Sweden or France.”

Does the Constitution Mean Anything?

“Obamacare unconstitutional? The denizens of Washington and their many friends who favor expansive and expensive government are worried. At least one judge has actually read the Constitution. Moreover, Tea Party activists are calling themselves constitutional conservatives and insisting that the Cons

Sebelius’s Price Controls

“The Wall Street Journal on the HHS rule that says states must order more health benefits but also lower rates.”

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