Assorted links (8/14/2011)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

The Debt Downgrade and Stock Prices

“The market gyrations go beyond events like the downgrade of United States debt and are being driven by the long-term outlook for the economy, an economist writes.”

Musicians Are Getting the Blues

“In an interesting new piece in The Atlantic, Edward Tenner discusses the rapid increase in musical virtuosity over the past generation, to the point where bygone masters would have trouble simply gaining acceptance to Julliard today. There is a downside, however — the flowering of new talent has been accompanied by a contraction in job opportunities…”

‘Breathtaking in its Expansive Scope’

“The Wall Street Journal writes that ObamaCare’s individual mandate loses again, this time in the 11th Circuit.”

Rick Perry’s Crony Capitalism Problem

“In The Wall Street Journal’s Cross Country column, Charles Dameron writes that the presidential candidate’s signature economic development initiative has raised questions among conservatives.”

Why Has College Tuition Risen so Much? Ask the Administrators, Whose Ranks Have Grown 84% Since 1989

“Via Instapundit comes this Investors Business Daily report on the metastization of college and university administrators over the past 20 or so years.”

What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing.

“In The Wall Street Journal, Norman Podhoretz writes that Obama is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president.”

Tax Reform Is the Swiftest Path to Growth

“Columbia University’s R. Glenn Hubbard writes in The Wall Street Journal that broadening the tax base would enable significant cuts in marginal tax rates, which is the surest path to economic growth.”

A New Strategy for Economic Growth

“In The Wall Street Journal, Kevin Warsh and Jeb Bush write that to have real economic growth we need to stop the barrage of ad hoc, short-term policy initiatives, lower tax and regulatory burdens, and transform our flagging education system.”

The Folly of Economic Short-Termism

“Allan Meltzer writes in The Wall Street Journal that easy money and more government spending won’t help the U.S. economy—we need policies that encourage long-term productivity growth.”

America as Less Than No. 1

“In The Wall Street Journal’s Wonder Land column, Daniel Hennniger writes that this is what being a shrinking superpower will feel like—enjoying it yet?”

But the President and Congress MEANT Well

“There’s a shortage today of low-priced, life-saving drugs for cancer patients. And the cause – surprise, surprise – is the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. Ezekiel Emanuel, an oncologist teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, explains why…”

Satz on markets

“This week’s EconTalk is Stanford professor of philosophy Debra Satz talking about why she finds some markets noxious and what ought to be done about it.”

How to Get That AAA Rating Back

“Writing in The Wall Street Journal about the rating downgrade, Harvard’s Robert Barro says that President Reagan inherited economic problems and fixed them, while President Obama’s strategy is to blame President Bush and Standard & Poors.”

Burton Malkiel: Don’t Panic About the Stock Market

Burton Malkiel writes in The Wall Street Journal that investors who resist the urge to get out of the stock market during rough times like this will be glad they did.

They Once Loved Jimmy, Too

“In The Wall Street Journal, Main Street columnist William McGurn writes that Democratic intellectuals and journalists are increasingly comparing President Obama to to the feckless President Carter.”

Is Obama Smart?

“In The Wall Street Journal, Global View columnist Bret Stephens write that Barack Obama’s presidency is a case study in stupid is as stupid does.”

Ex-Directors of Failed Firms Have Little to Fear

“A look at the career paths of onetime Enron directors indicates that the former directors of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers may not have much to worry about.”

Postrel: Obama Glamour Can’t Fix Charisma Deficit

“One thing is clear in the aftermath of the debt-limit debate: U.S. President Barack Obama has lost his glamour. The alluring icon of hope and change has become just another pol, derided by his supporters as well as his opponents.”

S&P Move Isn’t a Shock but Adds to Gloom

“S&P’s downgrade could lead to some market tumult next week, investors and analysts said. But they said a ‘Lehman effect’ wasn’t likely; over time, the downgrade might do little more than mark a moment in the decline of U.S. economic strength.”

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