Assorted Links (8/25/2011)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

Religion and the Bad News Bearers

“In The Wall Street Journal, Rodney Stark and Byron Johnson of Baylor University say that the widely reported declines in religiosity are utterly implausible.”

How Steve Jobs Changed The World

“In The Wall Street Journal, Andy Kessler says that Steve Jobs’s attention to aesthetic design helped vault Apple to the top of the technology industry.”

What Austerity?

“The Wall Street Journal writes that federal spending will hit a new record this year.”

Business Regulation vs. Growth—The View from Middle America

“In The Wall Street Journal, Warren Stephens says that CEOs of midsize companies feel held back by growing regulatory burdens.”

Obama and the ‘Competency Crisis’

“In The Wall Street Journal, Mortimer Zuckerman writes that like many Americans who supported him, I long for a triple-A president to run a triple-A country.”

Krugman Stimulus

“I have not found time to comment on the Onionesque argument by Paul Krugman (scroll down) that if we could only get people to believe that the world was about to be invaded by aliens from outer space, the spending.”

A Value-Added Tax Fuels Big Government

“In The Wall Street Journal, Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Robbins write that in Europe the VAT hasn’t substituted for income taxation—it’s merely added to the tax burden.”

Keynesian Economics vs. Regular Economics

“Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard economist Robert Barro says food stamps and other transfers aren’t necessarily bad ideas, but there’s no evidence they’re a stimulus for growth.”

Unready Shovels II

“President Obama is ginning up a marketing push for new infrastructure spending, but the same factors preventing earlier projects from being ‘shovel-ready’ remain.”

How Democrats Hurt Job Creation

“At a time when nothing matters more than job creation, the case between Boeing and the National Labor Relations Board over the assembly of the Dreamliner is doing the opposite.”

The Post Office: Neither snow nor rain

“Not heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers. But the internet will…”

How Not to Grow an Economy

“The Wall Street Journal reports on a week of policies and headlines that illustrate how the federal government and Obama Administration are undermining the recovery.”

A Thrilling Spectacle in Tripoli

“In The Wall Street Journal, Fouad Ajami writes that four decades of Libya’s life were squandered by the Gadhafi regime—surely the successor can do better.”

Did health law’s added burdens bring about economic doldrums?


“Why did the recovery stall? President Barack Obama recently chalked it up to “bad luck.” Even in more searching discussions of why the economy remains flat, politicians and economists largely ignore the elephant in the room…”

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