Assorted Links (11/2/2011)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

What to Do with Super-Achievers?

“Society is better off when super-achievers do their striving within the private sector rather than in government.”

No Lehman on the Aegean

“Can we be spared a Lehman-style crisis when Greece’s hard default occurs?”

Student Loans for Dummies

“Accumulated student loan debt now totals $1 trillion. The Super Committee should fix the student loan program by requiring evidence of ability to repay guaranteed loans.”

Obama’s Weakness in Historical Context

“On a variety of indicators, President Obama has far more in common with incumbent presidents who lost their bid for reelection than with those who won.”

Obama’s Biggest Problem: Europe, Not GOP

“The more one sees of the Republican field, the more it seems clear that President Obama’s biggest problems do not come from his domestic opponents.  The more voters, even Republican voters, learn about the candidates jostling for the party’s nod, the less they like them. The more the President’s opponents campaign, the stronger the White House becomes. The primaries and caucuses that really worry the White House are happening in Europe.  Elections in Greece and caucuses in Brussels at this point will do more to determine the President’s fate in 2012 than anything that happens in Iowa or New Hampshire.”

Why We Can’t Escape the Eurocrisis

“In The Wall Street Journal, Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. writes that the overwhelming debt problems on either side of the Atlantic are interlinked through the banking system.”

Cooking the Books on Grandma’s Health Care

“In The Wall Street Journal, Betsy McCaughey writes that Medicare patients who get less care have a higher risk of dying—so don’t believe the hype that implies otherwise.”

A Slow-Growth America Can’t Lead the World

“In The Wall Street Journal, Stanford University economist John B. Taylor writes that after World War II, the U.S. promoted international economic growth through reliance on the market and the incentives it provides. Times have changed.”

JoePa gets record in 10-7 win against Illinois

“Joe Paterno broke Eddie Robinson’s record for victories by a Division I coach with No. 409 in Penn State’s sloppy 10-7 win against Illinois.” Joe Paterno is a class act – when asked how he felt about eclipsing (Grambling coach) Eddie Robinson’s record previous NCAA Division 1 lifetime record of 408 wins (the win over Illinois this weekend is his 409th), here’s what JoePa said: “It really is something I’ve very proud of, to be associated with Eddie Robinson.”

Luck Is Just the Spark for Business Giants

“Bill Gates and other hugely successful entrepreneurs may have had good fortune in their lives, but they knew how to turn those lucky breaks into life-changing events.”

Euro Crisis — Doubting the ‘Domino’ Effect

“In The Wall Street Journal, Stanford University’s Edward P. Lazear writes that preventing a Greek default will not reverse the lackluster growth that has plagued the other vulnerable euro-zone countries for many years now.”

What Business Wants from Washington

“In The Wall Street Journal, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney discusses the super committee’s deliberations and the need to restore confidence in the business community that Washington can lead.”

Steve Jobs’s Advice for Obama

“In The Wall Street Journal, Information Age columnist Gordon Crovitz notes that Steve Jobs’s ideas on how to bring manufacturing jobs to America were ignored by President Obama.”

What Tax Dollars Can’t Buy

“Soaking the rich can’t fix a broken government.”

The Divider vs. the Thinker

“While Obama readies an ugly campaign, Paul Ryan gives a serious account of what ails America, Peggy Noonan writes.”

The Inversion of America’s Dominant Ideology

“According to an ABC News report last week, At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser, …President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.” Sounds good to me!

Economist Kevin Murphy Talks NBA Lockout Negotiations

“We’ve written a lot about University of Chicago economist Kevin Murphy. He teaches at the Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory, where Steve Levitt is the director. Murphy was a MacArthur Genius Fellow back in 2005, and Levitt readily admits that Murphy is the smartest person he knows.”

Can you be a little less specific?

“Can you be a little less specific? …Game theorists are beginning to produce rational models of deliberate vagueness.”

How the Death Tax Hurts the Poor

“In The Wall Street Journal, economist Steven E. Landsburg says the death tax encourages the rich to pick extra fruit, leaving the trees a little barer for the rest of us.”

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