Assorted Links (11/7/2011)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

Cadillac Pay in the Land of Lincoln

“Illinois public employees likely receive a significant pay premium over similar private sector workers.”

Occupy Wall Street Faces a Winter of Discontent

“When a vehicle parked at Wall and Broad Streets exploded, it was a deliberate attempt at mass murder. The year was 1920. Historian John Steele Gordon looks at anti-capitalist sentiment through the ages.”

Best College Majors for a Career

“Choosing the right college major can make a big difference in students’ career prospects, in terms of employment and pay. Here’s a look at how various college majors fare in the job market, based on 2010 Census data.”

The Infrastructure Death Rattle

“The incessant discussion and demand for job-creating infrastructure spending on the part of the news media, Democratic politicians, and some unreconstructed Keynesian economists is both frustrating and pathetic. It is frustrating because how many times can people repeat the same thing without listening to the objections? It is pathetic because the level of understanding is akin to pre-Newtonian physics.”

The top 1% on EconTalk

“This week’s EconTalk guest is Steven Kaplan talking about the top 1%. He and c0-author Joshua Rauh gathered as much data as they could about the composition of the top 1%. They get all of the CEO’s of publicly-traded companies, the richest hedge fund managers, Wall Street execs, athletes, celebrities and some lawyers. They miss some lawyers, some celebs, execs and owners of privately-held companies. Kaplan argues that the richest Americans today are richer than the richest Americans of the past is because of globalization (scale to use one’s talents) and technology.”

Not From The Onion

“Here’s an astounding illustration of my argument that “American students are not studying the fields with the greatest economic potential.””  According to this article, the financial returns to graduate school puppetry studies just aren’t there…

Conservatives and Social Justice

Market economies, free enterprise, and private property are important, and so their defense is also important. But as important as these ideas and institutions are, they aren’t enough for a complete account of the rights and duties in the economic sphere of our lives. Nevertheless, many conservative…

After student complaints, Utah professor denied job | Inside Higher Ed

“Some students didn’t take well to Steven Maranville’s teaching style at Utah Valley University. They complained that in the professor’s “capstone” business course, he asked them questions in class even when they didn’t raise their hands. They also didn’t like it when he made them work in teams.”

Capitalism can’t just be about money

Tim Harford takes on OWS…

The riddle of experience vs. memory

“Using examples from vacations to colonoscopies, Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman reveals how our “experiencing selves” and our “remembering selves” perceive happiness differently. This new insight has profound implications for economics, public policy — and our own and our own self-awareness.”

Money Made Simple

This is a series of excellent, very short videos that clearly explain basic economics and finance concepts!

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