Assorted Links (4/2/2012)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

What’s More Expensive Than College? Not Going to College

“There is a cost to not educating young people. The evidence is literally all around us.”

Stop Panicking About Bullies

“Childhood is safer than ever before, but today’s parents need to worry about something. Nick Gillespie on why busybodies and bureaucrats have zeroed in on bullying.”

Free Market Fairness

“”Free Market Fairness” argues that we needn’t choose between laissez-faire and social justice. The choice is not so simple, or so stark.”

Just reading Obamacare cruel and unusual punishment

Quoting from this article, “It’s not just that the legislators who legislate it don’t know what’s in it, nor that citizens can ever hope to understand it, but that even the nation’s most eminent judges acknowledge that it is beyond individual human comprehension.”

Kirchner Grabs the Central Bank

Quoting from this article, “Under Kirchner presidencies—first Néstor and now his wife Cristina—since 2003, the state has confiscated bank accounts and retirement savings, hyper-regulated many entrepreneurs out of business, abrogated contracts, imposed price controls, and raised import tariffs and export taxes. Vast entitlements, notably in subsidized utilities and transportation, have been used to consolidate power.”

Federal Lending Is as Rotten as Federal Borrowing

“Writing in The Wall Street Journal, George Melloan says that Uncle Sam has a loan for everyone, and many of them are likely to go bad.”

Obama and the Eisenhower Standard

“Comparing Obama and Eisenhower, Fouad Ajami writes in The Wall Street Journal that when crafting foreign policy, the late president didn’t ‘give a damn how the election goes.’”

Physical attractiveness and careers: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

“AT WORK, as in life, attractive women get a lot of the breaks.”

White House Burning

“James Grant reviews White House Burning: The Founding Fathers, Our National Debt, and Why it Matters to You by Simon Johnson and James Kwak.”

Health Law: What’s Left if Mandate Dies?

“Justices in the Supreme Court’s conservative majority said Wednesday that it would be difficult to figure out which parts of the Obama health-care law should survive if one part of it is judged unconstitutional.”

We’re Not France, Yet

“In The Wall Street Journal, Wonder Land columnist Daniel Henninger writes that ObamaCare is the coup de grâce of America’s policy mandarins… Mandarins are the intellectuals who design and order legally enforceable public systems within which the rest of the population resides, or tries to. French policy mandarins are the most celebrated in the world. Their most ardent admirers in America are the people who made the Obama health-care law.”

The Dangers of an Interventionist Fed

“In The Wall Street Journal, Stanford economist John B. Taylor writes that a century of experience shows that rules lead to prosperity and discretion leads to trouble.”

Obamacare: An Unconstitutional Misadventure

“How the individual mandate unravels the core of the health-care law.”

United States’ economy: Over-regulated America

“All big regulations should also come with sunset clauses, so that they expire after, say, ten years unless Congress explicitly re-authorises them.”

The Trayvon Martin Tragedies

“In The Wall Street Journal, Juan Williams writes that the recent killing of Trayvon Martin needs more investigation, but where’s the outrage over the daily scourge of black-on-black crime?”

Demand for U.S. Debt Is Not Limitless

“In The Wall Street Journal, Lawrence Goodman writes that in 2011 the Federal Reserve purchased a stunning 61% of Treasury issuance—and that can’t last.”

The Open-Mic Second Term

“The Wall Street Journal parses President Obama’s private chat with Dmitry Medvedev.”

Step to the Center

“The Obama health care law represents another stage in the concentration of power.”

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