Why Trampolines Aren’t Safe in Texas

My neighborhood is overrun with deer these days.  It is not uncommon for me to come home and find extended deer families “chilling” in my front or back yard.  A friend sent me this photograph of such a family enjoying the shade under her children’s trampoline.  I can’t help but wonder whether trampoline manufacturers take the risk of deer antlers into consideration in the design of their products!


One thought on “Why Trampolines Aren’t Safe in Texas”

  1. Hey Jim

    I would have to say not. But that is beautiful, you guys are really fortunate to with wildlife like that one on one. I know this sounds a bit dim, but didn’t think there were Deer in texas. Goes to show how media can portray the wrong thing, like texas just being a big dessert. Nice pic tho. thanks.

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