Assorted Links (8/26/2009)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading (and videos that I have been viewing) today (organized by topic):

Financial Crisis

  • Where Cash for Clunkers Ran Off the Road, by John Quelch
  • I highly recommend viewing Economic Bloggers and the Renewal of Entrepreneurial Capitalism, a video from the Kaufman Foundation.  According to the Kaufman Foundation,

    “The video takes a behind-the-scenes look at economic bloggers offering the experts’ perspectives on the business of blogging, tracing the steps that lead to the economic meltdown, and giving their views on the role innovation and entrepreneurship will play to lift the global economy out of recession…the 20-minute video…highlights some of America’s top economics bloggers, including professional and academic Ph.D. economists and journalists who have built loyal Web audiences by offering in-depth economic analysis and provocative commentary.”

    Here’s the video:

Math and Statistics

  • MPG Fits Awkwardly in Electric-Vehicle Landscape, by Carl Bialik

Political Economy

Prediction Markets

  • According to The Intrade Gazette (TIG), Obama’s Approval Ratings Slide Further
    TIG: “The fierce debate over health care reform continues to prove a drag on Barack Obama’s job approval ratings…The Intrade market shows a 85.0% chance his approval rating will be above 45.0%, a 55.5% probability it will remain above 50.0% and only 20% that it will be back over 55.0%. This may also indicate a victory on health care will not be forthcoming.”