Assorted Links (8/23/2009)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):

Economics and Public Policy

  • A Better Way to Go Postal
    WSJ: “The justification for the Postal Service’s monopoly is long past.”

Finance and Risk

  • The Mistakes We Make—and Why We Make Them, by Meir Statman
    WSJ: “How investors think often gets in the way of their results. Meir Statman looks into our heads and tells us what we’re doing wrong.”
  • What You Should Know About Risk, by Daisy Maxey

Risk Management and Insurance

  • Insurance markets in everything, by Tyler Cowen
    “Pro teams have hedged against their largest contracts with insurance for years. Now owners of fake teams can now protect themselves against the injuries of real players with actual insurance policies.”