Assorted Links (9/22/2009)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):

Economics and the Financial Crisis

Wall Street Journal: “Tariffs, rising state and federal taxes, and currency devaluation ruined the 1930s, and they could do the same today.”

Foreign Policy

Wall Street Journal : “Mr. Obama bankrupts his country while appeasing his foe.”

Wall Street Journal : “Why is the president hesitating on more troops to fight his ‘war of necessity’?”

Game Theory

  • Game theory and pricing cell phone minutes, by Presh Talwalkar


  • Three Cheers for Irving, by David Brooks

New York Times : “The 24 recipients of the “genius awards” include a poet, a scientist, a journalist, a mixed-media artist and others.”

New York Times : “Irving Kristol thrust himself into every ideologically charged battle of his age, but he was able to pick a side without losing his clarity.”


  • Counting the Tea Party Protesters, by Carl Bialik
  • Heading Home: Getting to First Base, by Doug Glanville

New York Times: “In professional baseball, the leadoff hitter has a relentless job, with expectations to get on base by any means necessary and to wreak havoc on opponents when possible.”

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