Assorted Links (10/27/2009)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):

Climate Change

  • Freaked Out Over SuperFreakonomics, by Bret Stephens

“Global warming might be solved with a helium balloon and a few miles of garden hose …Part of the genius of Marxism, and a reason for its enduring appeal, is that it fed man’s neurotic fear of social catastrophe while providing an avenue for moral transcendence. It’s just the same with global warming, which is what makes the clear-eyed analysis in “SuperFreakonomics” so timely and important.”


“Easy money from the Fed hasn’t translated into more consumer lending by banks.”

Health Care Reform

“Not long after that, Senate majority leader Harry Reid announced that the Senate bill will include the public option. Here’s how the Intrade contract on passage of a bill with a public option by year’s end moved on the news”:

Politics and Public Policy

  • The Post-Gracious President, by William McGurn

“Whenever he must make a difficult decision, Mr. Obama complains it’s Bush’s fault.”

  • The Fatal Conceit, by David Brooks

“The effort to cap executives’ compensation is a good example of overconfidence in government to solve everything.”