Assorted Links (10/1/2009)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading today (organized by topic):

Economics and the Financial Crisis

  • Stimulus Spending Doesn’t Work, by Robert Barro and Charles Redlick

Wall Street Journal: “Our new research shows no evidence of a Keynesian ‘multiplier’ effect. There is evidence that tax cuts boost growth.”

Foreign Policy

  • We can’t afford ambivalent president, by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Fresno Bee: “Can you imagine an American president being afraid to use a word like victory? Does that mean that he is prepared to tolerate defeat?.”

  • Obama’s more like a cat in this dog-eat-dog world, by Kathleen Parker

Orlando Sentinel: “Slowly, we’re beginning to understand what hope and change were all about. Translation: Sure hope this change works.”

  • Obama, Dictators and democrats, by Daniel Henninger

Wall Street Journal: “How many rogue nations can President Obama hold in one hand?”

Health Care Reform

New York Times: “Experts on the Swiss system suggest it would deliver much of what Washington is aiming to accomplish.”

Wall Street Journal: “The agency that would likely run the ‘public option’ was slow to pay for implantable cardiac defibrillators.”

Risk and Insurance

New York Times: “For those who have turned their vehicles into wired offices, constant contact and work efficiency outweighs the risk of a wreck.”


New York Times: “Is the economy making you nervous? Or is it terrorism? Or could it be the way you’re hard-wired?”