Assorted Links (3/31/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

Excessive Outrage on Retiree Subsidy Accounting – Business – The Atlantic
“So as blogged yesterday, the new health care plan changed the tax treatment of a subsidy for…”

Geithner and Bernanke Are Wrong about Fed Power — The American, A Magazine of Ideas
“Letting the Federal Reserve keep a hand in bank supervision and regulation is a mistake.”

Strategic Defaults: Lessons From the Great Depression – Economix Blog –
“A study about debts during the 1930s calls into question current government policies that try to make mortgage payments more “affordable,” an economist writes.”

Taxes Per Person
Professor Mankiw crunches the numbers and observes that “The United States is indeed a low-tax country as judged by taxes as a percentage of GDP, but as judged by taxes per person, the United States is in the middle of the pack.”  

Supply and Demand (in that order): Employment Reducing Policy List Updated
“The basic tools of supply and demand help immensely to understand and predict everyday events in our world. These days, many of those events are related to the financial crisis — or the Panic of 2008 as I call it. …”

Supply and Demand (in that order): Where’s the Continued Decline?
“At the end of 2008, with housing data through Oct 2008 in hand, I predicted that housing prices would continue to fall, but begin to recover in the Summer of 2009 and perhaps as early as Spring (I also …”

The ObamaCare Writedowns—II –
The Wall Street Journal writes that Democrats blame a vast CEO conspiracy. 

Notable & Quotable –
Mark Steyn on complications being discovered in the new health-care law. 

EnergyScam – Business – The Atlantic
“Thank God we have government programs like EnergyStar to help us live a greener lifestyle.”

Kathleen Parker: Too many Democrats are hiding behind Hyde
“Health care is the next-to-last thing I want to write about. The last thing is abortion, so this column is a banquet of tortures.

Eric Schmidt and Ivan Seidenberg: Unleashing American Broadband –
“Google and Verizon support a policy of minimal government involvement.”

The Ballad of Sallie Mae –
“A cautionary tale for our times about public subsidy, arbitrary politics and doing business with the government.”


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