Assorted Links (8/17/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:   

Bam’s lousy economic record: Let’s just look at the facts, shall we?

“On the campaign trail, President Obama is talking about everything except his own economic record. He attacks his predecessor – a man for whom I worked – as his advisers promise a return to Clinton-era economics.”

Op-Ed Columnist – Islam and the Two Americas –

“Two Americas, one based on religious liberty and the other on cultural assimilation, are in tension again in the debate over a mosque near ground zero.”

Gordon Crovitz: The Railroad Precedent and the Web –

“In The Wall Street Journal, Information Age columnist Gordon Crovitz notes that in its quest to impose net neutrality on the Web, the FCC bids to become the ICC of the Internet.”

The End of American Optimism –

“In The Wall Street Journal, Mortimer Zuckerman says that with a historically weak recovery and high unemployment rate, we hear people beginning to question the long-held assumption that their children will have it better than they.”

The Fed Can’t Solve Our Economic Woes –

“In The Wall Street Journal, Gerald P. O’Driscoll says liquidity isn’t in short supply, but savings are. Tax cuts to encourage investment, not easy money to encourage consumption, is the correct policy.”

Book review: Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? –

“James K. Glassman reviews Thomas Geoghegan’s Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? How the European Model Can Help You Get a Life.”

Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe: A Tea Party Manifesto –

“In the Wall Street Journal, former House majority leader Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks write that the tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party. It is aiming for a hostile takeover.”

Review & Outlook: The Next Pension Bailout –

“The Wall Street Journal editorial board says there’s growing momentum in Congress to dump union retirement burdens on taxpayers.”

Why It’s Hard to Find U.S. Population by Religion – The Numbers Guy – WSJ

“The Census Bureau doesn’t ask about religion, unlike other countries’ censuses, opening the door to controversies about the number of Muslims and other U.S. religious groups.”

Robert Costa: Can Charlie Rangel Hold On? –

“In the Wall Street Journal, Robert Costa of National Review writes that after 40 years in power, New York Rep. Charlie Rangel faces threats from the left (Adam Clayton Powell IV) and the right (Rev. Michel Faulkner).”

Peggy Noonan: We Pay Them to Be Rude to Us –

“In the service economy, all of us want to take the chute, Peggy Noonan writes in The Wall Street Journal.”

The Perils of Hipster Christianity and Why Young Evangelicals Reject Churches That Try To Be Cool -.

“Brett McCracken writes in The Wall Street Journal’s Houses of Worship column about the perils of Hipster Christianity, and why he and other young evangelicals are being driven away by churches that try to be cool.”

Economists Want Policy Makers to Back Off –

“Economists are getting more pessimistic about the strength of the recovery, but they don’t think policy makers should do anything more to support it, according to the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey.”

Charles Krauthammer – Sacrilege at Ground Zero

“America is a free country where you can build whatever you want — but not anywhere.”