Assorted Links (8/26/2010)

Here’s a list of articles that I have been reading lately:

Biden’s Prediction: Inside Information or Pure Bluster? –

Stephen Dubner provides the latest from the prediction markets on the midterm elections – 75% likelihood of a Republican House, while the Dems will most likely retain Senate control (however, with a substantially diminished majority).

Dismal Tidings for Congressional Democrats – Politics – The Atlantic

Here’s the latest handicapping effort (on the upcoming midterm election) from the Atlantic’s Megan McArdle…   

Putting Teachers to the Test: The Debate Over Value-Added – The Numbers Guy – WSJ

“Value-added measures have many problems, but some researchers and advocates say these teacher-evaluation tools based on student test scores, may be better than the alternative.” 

Labor Laws Make Finding Work More Laborious — The American, A Magazine of Ideas

“Policies designed to protect workers reduce the incentive to become better-educated.”

When Economic Policy Became Social Policy — The American, A Magazine of Ideas

“The recent Treasury Department conference is further proof we will never get out of this housing mess until we are ready to face facts.” 

Why Small Businesses Aren’t Hiring — The American, A Magazine of Ideas

“In the recoveries from the previous two recessions, small businesses led job creation. This time, however, small businesses aren’t hiring. Here’s why.”

George Melloan: The Fed Can Create Money, Not Confidence –

“In the Wall Street Journal, George Melloan writes that inflation—or stagflation—remains the more serious danger than deflation.

Grace-Marie Turner: Putting the Brakes on ObamaCare –

“Grace-Marie Turner writes in The Wall Street Journal that a Republican Congress can help tee up the eventual repeal of President Obama’s unpopular health-care reform law.”

The financial crisis seen through free-market eyes

“How long will it take this time before governments understand that overreacting to the crisis and imposing disproved Keynesian remedies will dampen and delay economic recovery? The answer depends on the ability of free-market economists and commentators to communicate their narrative of the crisis.”

Who’s ObamaCare’s Daddy? –

“The Wall Street Journal writes that now even liberals are denying paternity.”